Classical music can help musicians discover personal style


In an age where magazines, television and social media heavily influence the way in which people choose to dress, there's another influencer that is encouraging people to discover their sense of style – classical music. That's right, classical musicians across the

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Classical music could ‘slow dementia onset’


Classical music could help to slow the onset of dementia, according to new research. A study has found that listening to extracts of Mozart caused enhanced gene activity in the brain, especially within areas related to learning and memory. The

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Become The One rather than just looking for it


When it comes to finding the right person for you, a factor that many people forget is that you also need to be the right person for them. It's all well and good looking for specific attributes in a partner,

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Taking control: How to tell you’re in a controlling relationship


Some people are born leaders, which is fine when it comes to work or certain pursuits but isn't ideal in a partner. If you're in a relationship with someone, it is all about give and take. This means a partnership

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Trumpeter launches Bristol Proms with station fanfare


The launch of this year's Bristol Proms has been announced by trumpeter Alison Balsom. The musician today (Wednesday March 4th) signalled the launch with a performance at London's Paddington Station. Alison played a fanfare in the station with trumpeters Adam

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Classical music ‘can help relax dogs’


Good news for pet owners, your love of classical music could actually help improve your dog's behaviour. New research has shown that it isn't just humans who are able to unwind with their favourite music at the end of the

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What shouldn’t you do when online dating?


Meeting someone can be a difficult task, but in this day and age, the internet can really help. Whether you've tried online dating before or are entirely new to it, there are a few things you should remember. Not following

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Mobile app modernises Don Giovanni performance


There is still time for you to make the most of a new and pioneering opera in London. Silent Opera is performing its version of Don Giovanni as part of the Vault festival up until March 8th, using mobile technology

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Orchestra lands massive sponsorship deal


The London-based Philharmonia Orchestra has received some incredibly positive news recently, with the announcement that it will now be sponsored by a Chinese drinks company. The valuable sponsorship deal with Wuliangye, one of China's top brands, will last five years and

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Post-Valentine’s tips for online dating


Valentine's Day is always a bit nerve-wracking for singles. There's a certain pressure that comes with the occasion that can be exhausting, as your friends and family start asking who you're going to be sending a Valentine's card to this

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