Helena Bonham Carter’s children ‘smarter due to classical music’

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We've all heard that listening to classical music might help boost your IQ and it seems that even some celebrities have taken this to heart. Helena Bonham Carter has recently revealed that she played Mozart to her children when they were in the womb, suggesting that this has resulted in her kids being clever.

The actress told Classic FM that she playedclassical music to her little ones throughout her pregnancies in an effort to stimulate their learning as early as possible. She says it is this that has led to her children being "unbelievably clever".

She told Classic FM:  “I basically played Mozart and violin concertos again and again because it stimulated the inner ear of the unborn baby.

“And everything that they promised happened to both my children. They came out alert, unbelievably clever, and very relaxed.”

The Cinderella star has two children with director Tim Burton – Nell (seven years old) and Billy Ray (11 years old). 

It seems natural that she introduced them to classical music as early as she could as Helena is a self-confessed fan of the genre. She told the radio show that she finds the music to be genuinely relaxing, helping her through everyday life. 

Helena isn't the only person to believe that classical music could help to stimulate children's learning. The 'Mozart effect' was first referenced to in a scientific study that was published in 1993. 

The study found that teenagers performed better in reasoning tests when listening to Mozart's 1781 Sonata for Two Pianos in D major, compared to those who listened to another musical genre or were in a silent room.

While the study didn't look at the effects of the music on babies, it did suggest that if college students were to listen to Mozart for a few minutes before a test, then they tend to do better than those who do not.

This may not have been proven explicitly, but a little classical music never hurt anyone. 

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