Video game composers entered into Classical FM Hall of Fame

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The music of video games has grown in popularity over the years, with more intricate compositions being created to accompany the more involved games that are being created. While video game compositions may not previously have been counted as classical music, this seems to have changed.

Several video game composers have now been inducted into the Classic FM Hall of Fame, showing that the genre is just as influential as music that has long been defined as classical.

The Hall of Fame poll hasn't altered much in the 20 years that it has been running, with many classic composers remaining in the spots for a number of years. However, the great works of the genre have been shaken up a bit with the introduction of 12 composers from the video game genre. 

Coming in at number nine on the list of 300 entries is Nobuo Uematsu, composer of music for the Final Fantasy series. He managed to beat composers that have become legends, including Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

Nobuo Uematsu's compositions for the Final Fantasy series have become iconic among fans, with copies of the soundtracks often selling as fast as the games themselves.

Just missing out on the top ten is Jeremy Soule, who came in at number 11 for his musical compositions for the Elder Scrolls series. Kingdom of Hearts composer, Yoko Shimomura earned the number 30 spot, while the team that creates the music for World of Warcraft came in at number 53.

One composer managed to earn a total of three spots on the Hall of Fame poll. Grant Kirkhope has been placed at number 13 for Banjo-Kazooie, 41 for Viva Pinata and earned the spot at number 51 for Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning. The composer was also named as being the most popular composer for under 35s.  

Other video game composers entered into the list were Koji Kondo at number 84 for The Legend of Zelda, Glen Stafford at 163 for Starcraft, and Gustavo Santaolalla for The Last of Us at 193. Nobuo Uematsu appeared on the poll again at number 118 for Blue Dragon, while the Halo series composer Martin O'Donnell came in at number 244. 

As well as the Final Fantasy game series appearing on the list, the film The Spirits Within was also noted, with composer Elliot Goldenthal being honoured at number 259.

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