5 things to avoid talking about on your first date

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Your first date is all about getting to know each other. This means you want to ensure you spend it doing something that allows you to talk and get an insight into the other person. Not only will this make your date more enjoyable, it also helps you to figure out whether you want to try for a second date.

While talking is good, there are some areas or topics you want to avoid. You'll probably cover them down the line, but it is a good idea to hold off discussing them on your first date. This will help to keep the occasion light and fun.

Here are the five top subjects you should try to avoid on your first date:

Your ex

Whether you split up ages ago or the separation is relatively new, a potential partner doesn't want to hear about it off the bat. Avoid talking about an ex or the stresses and strains of your last relationship. Instead, make the date all about the new relationship.

If your date asks you about your ex, stick to the tried and tested 'it just didn't work out'. If they press you, try explaining that you want the date to be about the two of you. 

You, you, you

Yes you may find yourself and your life fascinating, but the chances are your date won't if it's all you're talking about. Your first date needs to be about both of you getting to know each other, not you telling your life story and not letting them get a word in.

Ask questions, be selective with what information you give and be brief unless they ask for more details. Conversation should be back and forth, as this will increase your chances of another date.


What you do is bound to come up in conversation and you probably have some office anecdotes that your date may find amusing; however, this doesn't mean they need to know all the ins and outs of your job.

Don't assume that they are interested in all the little aspects of what you do for a living – after all, not all jobs are interesting to everyone. Tell them what you do and explain a little bit of they prompt you to. You're more interesting than your job so make sure they are given the opportunity to see that. 


Not only is it way too early to start talking about marriage or weddings, it is also quite personal. The chances are that if you start talking about what type of wedding you want, how many kids you'd like to have and what you want your wife/husband to be like, your date is going to get a bit freaked out.

All of this can be spoken about down the line – way down the line! – so don't bring it up at this early stage.

Similarly, if you've been married before, your date doesn't need to know all the details until later on. Hearing about a messy divorce will only serve to put them off and make the date awkward.


Have you ever heard of a romantic political debate? Didn't think so. Steer clear of this and any other topics that could result in discord and are likely to ruin the ambience you have worked to create on your date.  

At the end of the day, if you really like a person, it probably won't matter whether they support a different political party. You'll also be able to debate politics once you get to know each other without either one of you getting angry, so leave this area alone for a while.

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