Stand out from the crowd: Unusual first date ideas

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You've found your perfect match online and they've agreed to a first date, so you can breathe a sigh of relief – but not for long because the hard part isn't over just yet. You still need to decide where to go on your date.

Choosing what to do on a first date can be tricky, as you don't want to put your date off by doing something too cheesy, but at the same time you still want to show that you've made an effort to impress them.

Rather than sticking to traditional first date ideas, like going for dinner or to the cinema, why not think outside the box?

Doing something that's unusual, but still fun, will show your date how creative you are, making you stand out and be more memorable than other dates that they may have been on.

So if you want to make a unique first impression, try some of these interesting first date ideas:

Tandem bike ride

If you live close to a picturesque park and the weather on the day of your date is looking good, one idea is to go on a tandem bike ride.

Cycling in tandem with your potential partner will bring you closer together without being too full-on. It's also the perfect way to show your date your favourite beauty spot, which could lead you to share stories about why it means so much to you.

Just make sure you don't talk about yourself too much and remember to ask your date questions about the places that are special to them.

Riding in tandem is likely to make you both work up an appetite, so finish your date by laying out a picnic of freshly prepared food and drink.

Art gallery

Going to an art gallery on your first date will make for both a romantic and cultural experience.

Don't worry if you or your partner can't tell their Van Gogh's from their Picasso's because you don't have to be art buff to appreciate a good painting.

Sharing your opinions on different pieces of art will be really insightful and may show you a special side to your date that they don't usually reveal on a first meeting.

Many art galleries host special exhibitions that will make your day out all the more exciting, so it's worth looking out for specific dates and times to visit.

Life drawing

If you or your prospective partner would rather be behind a painting than stood in front of it, attending a life drawing class will make for an interesting and fun first date experience.

Although you might not get the chance to properly talk, being in close proximity and drawing your own take on the still-life model before you will certainly give you something to chat about once the class is over, and it's probably safe to say that the ice will have well and truly been broken.

Theme park

For those who love thrill and adventure, heading to a theme park on your first date is bound to be an attractive option.

The UK is home to many great theme parks, each boasting a plethora of thrill-seeking rides and activities.

Although you'll be surrounded by many others, your date is sure to bring many laughs as you ride the roller coasters together. Who knows, you might end up finding it to be romantic too, as you and your date hold hands while approaching the big swoops and drops.

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