BAFTA nominations for movie soundtracks announced

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The BAFTA nominations for best movie soundtracks have been announced, with a number of phenomenal pieces of music in the running for an accolade. As well as the usual awards for best film and best actor and actress, this year's BAFTAs will see homage paid to some of the best composers and musicians in Hollywood.

Nominations for Best Original Music in a Motion Picture include the soundtrack for The Grand Budapest Hotel, composed by Alexandre Desplat, and Hans Zimmer's score for Interstellar.

JoHann JoHannsson's music for The Theory of Everything, Antonio Sanchez's score for Birdman and the soundtrack for Under the Skin, composed by Mica Levi, have also received nominations. 

Mr Desplat told Class FM that writing the score for the Grand Budapest Hotel was similar to playing with a Rubik's cube due to Wes Anderson's quirky film making style. 

"You turn the colours and then there's a different alignment of colours," he said. "We deconstruct it…It's really fun. It's like two young boys playing in their bedroom with their toys."

The score for Birdman has already been disqualified from the Academy Awards due to the fact that it makes use of pre-existing music, including extracts of Tchaikovsky and Mahler. Despite this, the score by Sanchez has received a nod from the BAFTA committee, putting it in the running for the award.

In terms of film music, one of the best known composers in the world is Hans Zimmer, who has written scores for blockbusters such as Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy and 12 Years a Slave. He has worked with director Christopher Nolan on several films as well as Interstellar, for which he is nominated.

When working on Interstellar, Zimmer scored the music while the film was being developed, which is perhaps why it is so well conceived.

The winner of the award will be announced at London's Royal Opera House on February 8th.

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