4 ways to move past an old relationship

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If you've broken up with someone, no matter how long ago, and are looking to move past your previous relationship to meet another person, you need to ensure you're fully ready to do so. You may think that you are totally over your previous flame, but then end up talking only about them on your first date since the break up. Not the best first impression.

Rather than simply being determined to overcome the heartache and power on, you need to ensure you're fully ready. After all, you can't start a new relationship with someone if you aren't over the last one.

Lessening your emotional baggage and regaining confidence in yourself is the best way to go about this. Here are some top tips for getting over a breakup so you're ready for a new love.

Talk about it

You can't get over someone if you keep all your emotions bottled up. You need to work through what you are feeling after a breakup so you can let all the negativity go.

The easiest way to do this is to talk to a friend of family member about what happened, how you feel and what your plans are. 

Even if you broke up amicably, this is still an important step as you may be a lot more upset than you think. This can cause issues later on down the line and damage how much you trust a new partner.

Clear out

A good way to get ready for a new relationship is to make physical room for it in your life. This means having a clear out of items in your home that belong to your former partner or anything that conjures up too many memories.

This is especially important if your breakup was particularly painful, as looking at things can conjure up a lot of emotions even months after ending a relationship. 

You may not necessarily want to get rid of everything, but packing things away in a box and putting them out of sight will help them be out of mind, allowing you to move on and welcome another relationship.

Know who you are 

It may feel like you don't know who you are without your former partner, especially if you were together for a while, but you were a functional person before them and you can get back to that. 

Have a think about what you liked to do while you were single and try reconnecting with friends. While you may not enjoy doing everything you previously did, you'll be able to discover new things you like as a singleton.

Start doing more things for you and work out who you on your own, rather than with a partner. It is much healthier to be able to define yourself as a single person than simply jumping into relationship after relationship and only feeling whole when you are with someone.

Have fun and let go, not only will this help you get over your ex, it also helps increase your chances of meeting someone and gives you things to talk about when online dating. 

Give it time

Time really is the best healer, so make sure you give yourself plenty of it before starting a new relationship. You need time to work through your feelings and reassess your life so you are in the best place, emotionally and mentally. 

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