Courtney Love to appear in musical theatre performance

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Courtney Love is all set to make a big leap from the world of grunge rock to that of musical theatre. The 50-year-old will soon take the lead role in Kansas City Choir Boy, which will be performed at the Here Arts Center in New York for the Prototype opera and music festival.

Kansas City Choir Boy is an off-off-Broadway pop opera, which will see Courtney play a rock star trying to make it big. The former Hole front woman told The New York Times in a recent article: "It's like putting out a single. If it gets catchy, then we do it in London or something. If it doesn't, it doesn't. We think it's really catchy and fabulous."

The storyline of the pop opera follows a couple who end up breaking down due to their individual ambition. Courtney's character of Athena ultimately leaves her musician lover in Kansas City to follow her own dreams in New York. 

Putting a modern twist on the performance, the pop opera is incredibly immersive and will see the cast moving around the audience. It will also feature an intricate design, video aspects and a rich sound system.

The performances will take place at the art centre, which only provides 84 seats per show, between January 8th and 17th. Courtney will perform opposite the show's songwriter Todd Almond.

This isn't the first time Courtney has entered the acting world as she has appeared in a guest role recently in the final series of the FX drama Sons of Anarchy. She will also be making several appearances in Fox's musical drama Empire as a hard rock singer called Elle Dallas. The show is set to air this week (Wednesday January 7th).

She also won critical acclaim for the role she had in the film The People Versus Larry Flynt in 1996, which saw her acting across from Woody Harrelson. However, it is her first appearance acting on stage.

Courtney said that rock and musical theatre have several similarities, including the fact that you need to be "in the moment" for it to really work well. According to her, this is the main rule of both the theatre and rock worlds.  

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