Cheap date ideas for cash-strapped January

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Dating in January can be difficult, mainly due to the fact that most of us are a bit cash-strapped following the festive period. 

This can lead to you not wanting to make plans with prospective partners because you don't want to spend out too much. However, failing to make dates can give a possible partner the wrong impression, leaving them thinking that you aren't interested.

Giving them the wrong idea could see you miss out on a relationship or getting to know someone better, so it is best not to wait until February to make plans.

Instead, you can opt for dates that have a relatively low cost. Not only is this kinder on your bank balance, but it also ensures you don't miss out on what could be the start of something good.

Dinner and a movie

This is a classic combination for dates but it can get a bit pricey. With the cost of drinks, a meal, snacks and cinema tickets to factor in, you can end up shelling out a lot.

However, you can reduce the cost by making the meal yourself and entertaining your date in your home.

You can find out what their favourite meal is and make it for them before settling in with a DVD. You can still have drinks and snacks too, but you won't end up paying inflated prices.

Doing this will also show your date that you are willing to put the effort into a relationship, as well as show you care about them having a good time if you make a meal and choose a movie you know they would like.

Museums and galleries

If you want to take in a bit of culture on a date, you may want to head to a museum or gallery. However, sometimes admission fees can make this an expensive outing.

Finding out what free attractions there are in your area or if admission fees are reduced at any point – some places put prices down during the winter to attract more people – can help you save money.

This is a great option for a date during the day, especially when the weather is bad, as it will allow you to enjoy different exhibitions while chatting and getting to know each other better.

Nature walk

It may be winter, but there are still some beautiful sights to take in on a nature walk. So long as it isn't raining, this can be a fun idea and can break up the monotony of staying inside throughout the colder months. 

You can head to your local park, go to the moors or head to an outside attraction depending on distance and accessibility. Just be sure your date knows to dress appropriately so they stay warm and enjoy themselves.

To make the date a little cosier, you could bring along some gloves for your date, or even pack a picnic complete with a flask of hot chocolate and a warm blanket. This will show how considerate you can be, while also making the day a little more romantic.

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