Rude date? Here’s how to handle them


So you've gotten dressed up, you've made an effort and then your date is rude to you. How exactly do you handle it? First dates can be disappointing at times for a number of reasons. Maybe you didn't feel the

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Helena Bonham Carter’s children ‘smarter due to classical music’


We've all heard that listening to classical music might help boost your IQ and it seems that even some celebrities have taken this to heart. Helena Bonham Carter has recently revealed that she played Mozart to her children when they

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Video game composers entered into Classical FM Hall of Fame


The music of video games has grown in popularity over the years, with more intricate compositions being created to accompany the more involved games that are being created. While video game compositions may not previously have been counted as classical

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How to know who to ignore online


Online dating is a great way to meet people, whether you want a relationship or simply to broaden your friendship circle. However, just as with any form of dating, you tend to come across a few frogs before you meet

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The cat’s meow: Classical music ‘helps calm felines’


A previous study found that classical music could help relax dogs, but now research has also found that the music can help cats relax. In fact, it seems that violins are the instrument of choice for calming down felines. Researchers

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Edinburgh Festival 2015 programme announced


The programme for this year's Edinburgh Festival has been announced. The festival, which runs from August 7th to August 31st will see performances by more than 2,300 artists across a number of different styles. This year will see thousands of

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5 things to avoid talking about on your first date


Your first date is all about getting to know each other. This means you want to ensure you spend it doing something that allows you to talk and get an insight into the other person. Not only will this make

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Stand out from the crowd: Unusual first date ideas


You've found your perfect match online and they've agreed to a first date, so you can breathe a sigh of relief – but not for long because the hard part isn't over just yet. You still need to decide where

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Julian Lloyd Webber announced as new principal of Birmingham Conservatoire


It has been announced that Julian Lloyd Webber has been appointed as principal of Birmingham Conservatoire. Mr Lloyd Webber is set to take over from the current principal, David Saint, who is due to retire in April. Once Mr Lloyd

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Picture perfect: Choosing the right image for your profile


When it comes to your online dating profile, people's first opinion of you usually comes from your picture. While you can put your personality across in what you write on your profile, it is your profile picture that initially catches

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